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How to write a job description

In today's competitive job market, it's more important than ever to write an attractive job description that stands out from the competition and will attract top talent. A well-crafted job description can not only attract qualified candidates but also help you to build a strong employer brand. Here are some tips for writing an attractive job description that will set you apart from the competition.

Start with a clear job title:

The first thing candidates see when browsing job listings is the job title. Make sure it accurately reflects the position and is clear and concise. Avoid using internal jargon or acronyms that may not be widely understood.

Focus on the benefits of working for your company:

Highlight what makes your company unique and what you can offer candidates that other companies may not. This can include perks like flexible work hours, remote work options, professional development opportunities, and a positive company culture.

Be specific about job requirements:

Provide a clear outline of the skills and qualifications required for the job. Avoid using vague language and be specific about what you're looking for. This will help to ensure that candidates who apply are well-suited for the role.

Include a salary range:

Many candidates won't even consider applying for a job if they don't know the salary range. Including a salary range in your job description can help to attract qualified candidates and also help to avoid wasting time with candidates who are looking for a salary outside of your budget.

Use inclusive language:

It's important to use inclusive language in your job description to ensure that you're attracting a diverse range of candidates. Avoid using gendered language and use inclusive terms like "they" instead of "he or she."

Make it easy to apply:

Make sure the application process is clear and easy to follow. Include a link to an online application form or provide clear instructions on how to apply. Candidates are more likely to apply for a job if the process is straightforward.


Typos and grammatical errors can be a major turnoff for candidates. Make sure to proofread your job description carefully and have someone else review it as well to catch any errors.

By following these tips, you can create an attractive job description that will stand out from the competition and attract top talent. Remember, the goal is not only to attract candidates but also to build a strong employer brand that will help you to attract talent in the future.

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